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Photo of Back Cover to Watch with Mother

watch with mother video cover

watch with mother back cover.

In This Video: Watch With Mother

At Long Last this is Your Chance to Re-Capture those Halcyon Days when Puppets Had Strings, Dogs were Spotty and Little Men Lived in Flowerpots at the Bottom of the Garden. If You are very Young, or not so very Young, This Video is a Unique Opportunity to Enjoy a Whole Week of Vintage Watch With Mother.

Are You Sitting Comfortably?...Good...Then Let Us Join Bill and Ben and All the Others In...

Picture Book - Monday - Transmitted 15th April 1963
Andy Pandy - Tuesday - Transmitted 16th September 1952
The Flowerpot Men - Wednesday - Transmitted 22nd Jan 1953
Rag, Tag and Bobtail - Thursday - Transmitted 18th July 1957
The Woodentops - Friday - Transmitted 9th September 1955

Additional Info From Cover and Tape of Watch With Mother video.

The Running Time Is: 75 Minutes

watch with mother is on the BBC Video Label

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