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Thumbelina video vhs kids cartoon

Front Cover to Thumbelina vhs video

vhs Thumbelina episodes back cover

Back Cover for Thumbelina vhs episodes

Thumbelina full video cover

Thumbelina video cover & tape label

In This Video: Thumbelina

Settle back for pure storytelling enchantment as OLIVIA NEWTON-JOHN and friends transport you and your family to a brilliantly animated, whimsically updated realm of classic fairy-tale wonder.
Born from a barley flower, Thumbelina grows up to be just tall as your thumb! Then, the evil toad Gargalong kidnaps her from the happy home. She escapes and moves in with Mrs. Widget the mouse, who tries to marry her to the boring mole, Mr.Budgenot. At the last moment, a kindly swallow carries her off to the land of the Flower Elves- where she marries and lives oh-so-happily ever after!

ALSO INCLUDES: An eight-page booklet about fairy tales, plus planet-saving environmental tips kids can use to help the earth live... happily ever after

Additional Info From Cover and Tape of Thumbelina  video.

Hanna-Barbera Presents Timeless Tales From Hallmark

Hosted By Olivia Newton-john


Approximate Running Time: 35 minutes

CAT. NO. HB1237