Thomas The Tank Engine Escape

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Front Cover for Thomas the tank Escape video

thomas escape video vhs kids episodes

Back Cover of Thomas Escape Video

In This Video: Thomas The Tank Engine Escape

In This Video Thomas Escape We Join Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends for Ten(10) Great New Adventures...

The Ten(10) Thomas Episodes on this Video are:

- Buzz Buzz
- All at Sea
- One Good Turn
- Tender Engines
- Escape
- Oliver Owns Up
- Bulgy
- Heroes
- Percy James and the Fruitful Day
- Thomas and Percys Christmas Adventure

Additional Info From Cover and Tape of Thomas The Tank Engine Escape video.

Thomas the tank engine Escape Video Episodes

Below are the Ten(10) Thomas Episodes on this Video and What They are About.

Buzz Buzz : James Boasts about his Bravery but when a Swarm of Bees Start Buzzing around him He Wishes they would get back to Making Honey and Leave him to Make Steam...

All at Sea : When the Island of Sodor Regatta is Held, Duck Wishes he could Sail Away to Faraway Lands like the Boats on the Water. It takes an Important Journey to make hime Really Proud of His Wheels Again.

One Good Turn : Bill and Ben have Trouble on the Turn Table and end up Face to Face.

Tender Engines : Gordon is Envious of a Two-Tender Engine and Henry Finds Out that One Tender Each is Best for Big Engines.

Escape : Douglas is Pulling the Midnight Goods Train when he Encounters an Engine Called Oliver and his Brake Van, Toad - Escaping from the Fate that All Engines Dread...

Oliver Owns Up : Oliver Learns that Trucks can be Troublesome and after an Uncomfortable Derailment he Returns to Ducks Branch Line a Wiser Engine.

Bulgy : It was the Sightseeing Season on the Island of Sodor and Bertie and the Engines were Busy. But their Timetable is Disrupted by a Devious Double Decker called Bulgy

Heroes : Bill and Ben take Advice from the Trucks and get into a Muddle but all is Forgiven when they Behave Bravely at the Quarry.

Percy James and the Fruitful Day : James and Percy Boast and Bicker until Percy ends up in a very Sticky Predicament.

Thomas and Percys Christmas Adventure : The Snowfalls have come and Villagers are Stranded. Together Harold, Terence, Thomas and Percy come to the Rescue and get a nice Surprise for all Their Hard Work...


The Running Time Is: 55 Minutes

Thomas Escape is on the Britt Allcroft Video Label