Rosie and Jim Woollen Mill

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Rosie and Jim Woollen Mill Vhs Video Cover & Tape

In This Video: Rosie and Jim Woollen Mill

Rosie & Jim WOOLEN MILL and other stories video.

Rosie & Jim is one of the most popular ITV children's stories. A story for all young children to play along with while they learn.

Written by John Cunliffe(writer of Postman Pat), Rosie and Jim is the charming tale of two adorable ragdolls who live with their friend John on a beautiful canal boat- The Ragdoll.

During the day John travels the waterways gathering material for a book he is writing. But when John is not looking Rosie and Jim come alive and sing about all the things they have seen each day and explore their ideas through play.

Four further stories from the new series which will keep children enthralled for hours - while they learn:


Additional Info From Cover and Tape of Rosie and Jim Woollen Mill video.

Below Information is From Cover and Tape of video.

For children up to 7 years.

VHS 30074 13063

Colour PAL.
Length: 60 mins approx.
Packaging Design c 1995 CTE(Carlton)Ltd.
Distributed by Carlton Home Entertainment.

Written and Presented by John Cunliffe.
Jim's Puppetter: Robin Stevens.
Rosie's Puppetter: Rebacca Nagan.
Title Music by Andrew McCrorie-Shand.
Designed by Vivienne Cozens(Dredging)
Martin Goldsmith(Wollen Mill/Ferry/Clipping)
Devised,Produced and Directed by Anne Wood and Simon Fone.

The Running time is: 60 minutes approx.

rosie and jim woollen mill is a Ragdoll Production.

Ragdoll Productions (UK)Ltd.
1991 Central Independant Television Plc.