Potsworth and Co

This page is all about Potsworth and Co. Here you will find photos of the video cover, details about the cartoon, including episodes and also a link for you to buy Potsworth and Co vhs video from our online shop (if in stock link will be displayed).


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Front Cover for Potsworth and Co Video Hanna Barbera Vhs

potsworth and co vhs video episodes info hanna barbera childrens kids cartoon

Back cover to Potsworth co video

potsworth and co vhs video hanna barbera childrens kids cartoon cover tape

potsworth and co vhs video cover & tape

In This Video: Potsworth and Co

Potsworth & Co video.

2 great Episodes from Hanna-Barbera Cartoons.

Every night, when people go to sleep, their thoughts and fantasies become reality in the magical Dream Zone. It is here, where Potsworth and Co meet up to share in these two exciting adventures.

Potsworth becomes king of a dog nation-and can't believe his luck...until he realises that it is his responsibility to save his terrified subjects from a huge and ferocious cat.

When the nightmare Prince is replaced by the even more nasty Count Bubba Bonebreaker, The Midnight Patrol have to devise a clever plan to get rid of him and reinstate their old,but incompetent enemy.

Additional Info From Cover and Tape of Potsworth and Co video.

CAT NO. HB1422

1991 Hanna-Barbera Productions inc
& Sleepy Kids Plc


The Running time is: 45 minutes approx.

potsworth and co is a Hanna Barbera Production