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Front Cover to Postman Pat Birthday Video Vhs

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In This Video: Postman Pat Birthday

Postman Pat BIRTHDAY And Three Other Stories.

4 great episodes with Greendale's hard-working postman!

1. Postman Pats Birthday.

2. Letters On Ice.

3. Pats Windy Day.

4. Pats Foggy Day.

Additional Info From Cover and Tape of Postman Pat Birthday video.

Below are the 4 Postman Pat Episodes Listed and what they are about.

It's a special day today-Pat's birthday and he's keeping it a secret. So imagine his surprise when he receives a card from everyone on his round! How did everyone know?

Greendale's suffering a very hard winter and the weather is especially icy today. Still, nothing must stop the post from getting through, even if Pat does have to resort to skates.

What a windy day it is in Greendale! A tree has blocked the road, Granny Dryden's washing has blown away and what's worse, Postman Pat has lost his postman's hat...

There's a thick fog hanging over Greendale which makes Pat's daily delivery rather difficult-especially when he loses his way...

The Running time is: 57 minutes approx.

postman pats birthday & other stories is on the BBC Video Label


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