Postman Pat 1

This page is all about Postman Pat 1. Here you will find photos of the video cover, details about the cartoon, including episodes and also a link for you to buy Postman Pat 1 vhs video from our online shop (if in stock link will be displayed).


postman pat 1 video vhs kids bbc tape

Back Cover of Postman Pat 1 Video

postman pat 1 vhs video tape cover

Back Cover to postman pats 1 video

In This Video: Postman Pat 1

First, Lets Sing A Long To Postman Pat 1 -

"Postman Pat, Postman Pat,
Postman Pat and his Black and White Cat,
Early in the Morning, Just as Day is Dawning
He Picks up all the Postbags in his Van"

Additional Info From Cover and Tape of Postman Pat 1 video.

The three(3) Postman Pat Stories on this Video are:

- Postman Pats Finding Day

- The Sheep in the Clover Field

- Letters on Ice

The Running Time Is: 45 Minutes

postman pat 1 is on the BBC Video Label


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