The New Adventures of Fireman Sam

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Front Cover to New Adventures of fireman sam vhs video

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new adventures of fireman sam vhs video cover & tape

In This Video: The New Adventures of Fireman Sam

Thank goodness for Fireman Sam! He's always on the scene whenever the people of Pontypandy get into bother.

And now he's back on video again in 4 brand new adventures...

- Deep Trouble For Sam

- Quarry Rescue

- Rich And Famous

- Home From Rome

Additional Info From Cover and Tape of The New Adventures of Fireman Sam video.

New adventures of fireman sam video episodes

Below are the 4 Fireman Sam Episodes Listed and what they are about.

Deep Trouble For Sam
When Fireman Sam goes to weed Penny's cottage garden, it should be a simple job.
So why has Firefighter Penny Morris been called out to help?

Quarry Rescue
Watch out! Sarah and James are blackberry picking near an old quarry,
when James suddenly slips. Can the Fire Service carry off a dramatic rock face rescue?

Rich And Famous
When Dilys manages to set her attic on fire while searching for fame and fortune,
it's Fireman Sam to the rescue...

Home From Rome
Oh dear! Plans for a special Italian evening go wrong when Bella is trapped in a lift
with Rosa the cat. Can sam help? 

The Running time is: 41 minutes approx.

Adventures of fireman sam is on the BBC Video Label