My Little Brum

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Front Cover for my little brum vhs video

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Back cover to my little Brum vhs

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My Little Brum vhs video cover and tape

In This Video: My Little Brum

My Little Brum features 2 Specially selected stories on a Treat-Size Tape.

Brum is the little magic car that comes to life. For children up to 7 years.

It's music time and Brum wants to dance. The Rascally Robber follows on but he is no match for brum.

One of the champion skaters slips and hurts his leg. So, Brum becomes the lady's partner and they enter the big competition.

Additional Info From Cover and Tape of My Little Brum video.

Brum and the Big Chase
Written & Directed by Tom Poole.

Brum is an Ice Skating Star
Written and Directed by Dirk Campbell

Voice: Toyah Willcox
Title Theme: Kjartan Poskitt
Music by: Robert Hartley
Designed by: Bob Berk
Devised and Produced by: Anne Wood

The Running time is: 30 minutes approx.

my little brum is a Ragdoll production

Previously released in different packaging
a VCI plc company
Packaging design c 1996 VCI
72-74 Dean Street, London W1V 5HB
c 1994 Ragdoll Productions (UK)Ltd

Brum is the trademark of Ragdoll