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The Magic Pudding video vhs kids cartoon

Front Cover to The Magic Pudding vhs video

vhs The Magic Pudding episodes back cover

Back Cover for The Magic Pudding vhs episodes

The Magic Pudding full video coverThe Magic Pudding full video cover

The Magic Pudding video cover & tape label

In This Video: The Magic Pudding

He Can Change Himself Into Just About Anything.

Take a spoonful magic, add a large helping of adventure and a good pinch of fun, mix well and you have “The Magic Pudding”, a truly unique animated film.

Meet Albert(John Cleese) a magnificent magic puddin’ who can turn himself into just about any puddin’ you can imagine. Only problem is that everyone is trying to steal him and he has the annoying habit of running away at every possible opportunity!

It’s up to three friends to look after Albert. Bunyip(Geoffrey Rush), a young koala who is searching for his parents, Bill Barnacle(Hugo Weaving) a landlocked sailor and a penguin, Sam Sawnoff(Sam Neill). Together they form the Noble Society of Pudding Owners.

They are out to save the magic puddin’ from the most dastardly puddin’ thief of all- Buncle(Jack Thompson) a giant, guzzling Wombat who will stop at nothing to get his greedy paws on Albert. He also holds the secret to Bunyip’s missing parents.

So grab your biggest spoon and make sure you’re ready to tuck in. It’s huge helpings all round!

Additional Info From Cover and Tape of The Magic Pudding video.

Icon Home Entertainment

VFC 24640

Running Time Approx. 76 Mins