Lassies Great Adventure

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Lassies Great Adventure video vhs kids cartoon

Front Cover to Lassies Great Adventure vhs video

vhs Lassies Great Adventure episodes back cover

Back Cover for Lassies Great Adventure vhs episodes

Lassies Great Adventure full video cover

Lassies Great Adventure video cover & tape label

In This Video: Lassies Great Adventure

Timmy, a young boy, and Lassie are trapped in a hot-air balloon which accidentally takes off and drift deep into the Canadian Wilderness. They manage to bring the balloon down, but are lost in the vastness of forested mountain country. Against the odds, they have to fend themselves, searching for food and water, spurred on by the hope of rescue. When Lessie is hurt, Timmy’s compassion and will go to go on are stretched to the limit. A deaf mute Indian living alone in the far backwoods comes to their aid. He keeps Timmy first, then Lessie alive, until they are reached by the Mounties who return them to the ultimate safety of civilization. In this beautiful film, the audience is treated to a moving display of courage, self-sufficiency and compassion.

Additional Info From Cover and Tape of Lassies Great Adventure video.

A Full Length Feature Film
Sunday Matinee
Video Collection
Colour PAL
Length 99 minutes approx.