Hercules The Invincible Hero

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hercules the invincible hero vhs video cartoon

Front Cover to hercules the invincible hero vhs video

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In This Video: Hercules The Invincible Hero

Hercules, Jupiter's favourite son and little cloppete, King Krinos' centaur son, are travelling to the city of a Hundred Centaurs.

What was initially thought to be a mere stroll turns out to be one of his most exciting adventure.
Hercules faces many enemies such as the multi-headed sea monster and the ferocious invulnerable lion.

Furthermore he is involved in a series of cliffhangers which leads him into the dead world. But, along the way, will he meet his true love?

Additional Info From Cover and Tape of Hercules The Invincible Hero video.


Running Time 40 mins approx.

Colour Animation