The Flintstones Comedy Show

This page is all about The Flintstones Comedy Show. Here you will find photos of the video cover, details about the cartoon, including episodes and also a link for you to buy The Flintstones Comedy Show vhs video from our online shop (if in stock link will be displayed).


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Front Cover to the flintstones comedy show video

the flintstones comedy show vhs video episodes info hanna barbera childrens kids cartoon

Back cover to the Flintstones comedy show vhs

the flintstones comedy show vhs video hanna barbera childrens kids cartoon cover tape

the flintstones comedy show vhs video cover & tape

In This Video: The Flintstones Comedy Show

The Flintstones Comedy Show features all your Bedrock favourites.

Plus hilarious new characters in five classic stone age stories.

- Dino's Girl

- A Rocks-Pox On You

- In Tune With Terror

- Punk Rocks

- Rockjaw Rides Again

Additional Info From Cover and Tape of The Flintstones Comedy Show video.

The Flintstones Comedy Show video episodes

Below are the 5 Flintstones Comedy Episodes Listed and what they are about.

The Flintstones adorable pet dinosaur discovers puppy love.

Fred and Wilma get more than they bargained for when they go to visit their creepy gothic neighbors.

Pebbles and Bam Bam, who have grown up into the zaniest teenagers of prehistoric times, get mixed up in the rock business.

Wilma and Betty, working as journalists on the Bedrock Bugle, track down the hairiest superhero of them all - 'Captain Caveman'.

Fred and Barney, on the beat as Bedrock cops, discover oil while chasing Rockjaw, a ravenous creature with an insatiable appetite for rocks, and anything or anyone that gets in his way!

You'll be laughing all the way through this cave-load of comic catastrophes.


The Running time is: 56 minutes approx.

flintstones comedy show is a Hanna Barbera Production.