Black Beauty

This page is all about Black Beauty. Here you will find photos of the video cover, details about the cartoon, including episodes and also a link for you to buy Black Beauty vhs video from our online shop (if in stock link will be displayed).


Black Beauty video vhs kids cartoon

Front Cover to Black Beauty vhs video

vhs Black Beauty episodes back cover

Back Cover for Black Beauty vhs episodes

Black Beauty full video cover

Black Beauty video cover & tape label

In This Video: Black Beauty

An excited animated feature filled with adventure.

Black Beauty is a gentle and loving horse who lives an idyllic life at Squire Gordon’s estate. His best friends are a spirited mare called Ginger and his beloved atable girl, Jenny.

Sadly, one day Squire Gordon is forced to moved and sell his horses. Whilst Jenny vows that she and Black Beauty will be reunited, there is nothing she can do to keep him. Beauty’s new owner is a vain woman who mistreats her horses.

In his following adventures, Black beauty must overcome many hardships, but he never loses his sweet nature and Jenny never forgets her promise.

Additional Info From Cover and Tape of Black Beauty video.

Running Time: 45 Mins Approx.

Channel 5 Video
Tempo Video

VHS 0460023