Animaniacs Volume 1

This page is all about Animaniacs Volume one. Below you will find photos of the video cover, details about the cartoon, including episodes and also a link for you to buy animaniacs volume 1 vhs video from our online shop (if in stock).

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In This Video: Animaniacs Volume 1 We Go On Wacky Adventures with the Crazy Warner Bros...and Sister Dot...

Introducing. Yakko, Wakko and Dot, the Warner Brothers and the Warner Sister.

Created 50 years ago, these fun-crazed cartoon fur-balls caused so much chaos they were locked away in the Warner Bros. water tower...But now, they've escaped on video!

Hilarity reaches new highs(and some mind boggling lows) when Wakko and his dingbat doctor are stranded in a stalled elevator in UPS AND DOWNS.

Them, after a pair of film critics give Slappy Squirrel a big "toes-down," she puts them in their place, which puts them in CRITICAL CONDITION.

Next, the Warner siblings drive a know-it-all llama totally looney in WALLY LLAMA.

Then, those resolute rodents, the Brain and Pinky face giants and dragons and trolls during their latest, frantically futile plot to conquer the world in SPELL-BOUND.


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Additional Info From Cover and Tape of Animaniacs Volume One video.

Colour/English Language

Running Time: approx 45mins

Programme Content 1994 Warner Bros.
All Rights Reserved. Package Design 1995 Warner Home Video(UK) Ltd.

UNIVERSAL Suitable for all